Friday, March 22, 2013

10 Months and 4 Days

I feel the need to add some older post it takes me a while to write anything. I will be adding more soon.

Today Skylar would have been 10 months and 4 days old.

Where did the time go?

Our precious baby girl, There is not a moment that passes we don't think of her. Some days I cry hard just thinking of how unfair it is she is not here with us. It is very hard to think what would she be doing at 10 months.

Would she be walking? or at least taking steps?

Of course she would be sitting up and playing with the other kids and having a lot of fun. I look everyday at my favorite picture of her. She is wearing the outfit she would have been brought home in. Instead that outfit is carefully tucked into the bag we brought to the hospital. We kept that outfit and every once and while when I feel like I need to, I grab out the little dress, hat and diaper cover and just try to smell the sweet little baby who once occupied it's space.

Skylar was buried in a little white and pink nightgown and her black, white and pink damask print blanket. She was carefully wraped up in her blanket by her Daddy and had to say the one thing no parent should ever say.


Even though 10 month has gone by we never forget our little girl, She is always with us no matter what.

The other day we went to her spot and made it up with her Easter goodies. Now it looks pretty for her. It is hard that is the only physical thing we can do for her. I wish Jesus would come back no and we could all be together.

Soon we all will be Jesus has our baby girl in his arms and who else could we ever ask for to tak ecare of our daughter till we get there. I am thankful everyday for the love he has given us. While we will always wish Skylar was here with us we know she will be there is heaven waiting for us.