Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2

How our daughter got her name.

My pregnancy with Skylar was very different than my other 4 boy pregnancy,  I was a little more sicker with my girls than boys.

I always knew I would have a baby named Skylar. Our older girls have S names so it was only fitting all our girls will have S names.

We never really knew till Skylar was that she was for sure a girl. Our early ultrasounds and even 18 week ultrasound the midwife was not totally sure she was a girl. She said she saw no boy parts but it did not mean they were not there. Another ultrasound after the 18 week one showed our m9aybe girl still. Even at the hospital when they checked to see if she had was gone did not show because of her position.

We always loved the name Skylar I found the name Skylar means shelter. She was always sheltered so that makes me feel good. Her middle name came from my aunt Betty Jean who passed away at 18 in a car accident in May of 1974, Now she holds our Skylar Jean tillwe can all be together again. Also her Grandpa Wyatt holds her too.

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