Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Without You

Yesterday was Halloween and we celebrated it without our beautiful daughter. Our day was good as could be.

Our son's had doctor appointments so they went there and afterwards we went to visit Skylar.

I wanted to bring the Halloween costume all our children wore as there first costume and take a picture if it on her spot. That way at least she could have "worn" it in some way.

I did not cry as bad as I would have thought I would, I was sad for all that she misses out on. It really is not fair and I see life is not fair at times.

Why do our babies have to go? One day we will know and I thankful to have God that he loved us enough to send Jesus to save us all.

Some days I can imagine the pure pain and torment God felt as he watched his only son tormented to save our souls. He had to watch his only child die for us.

I am sure God felt the same way we grieving parents feel. I don't blame God for taking Skylar, How can I? She is is a beautiful place where she will never feel the pain we feel here.

While I cannot say that I don't wish for a second she was not here with us. I do feel like she brought me closer to God.

I understand the bible like never before, It makes so much sense to me now. Where before I did not know what it was saying.

My favorite passage that we will have put on Skylar's marker is the passage from the book of Matthew

Jesus said Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. Matthew 19:14

I love this passage, It was a page on read on the Internet somewhere and looked it up in the bible and loved it since then.

As a conclusion to my Halloween post, We all missed Skylar yet we know she is always with us. We love you baby girl.

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