Monday, September 10, 2012

Anxiety I hate you

I have always struggled with anxiety, Since a early age I have always worried about everything especially the useless stuff.

Since Skylar passed it has only gotten worse, The anxiety was horrible the first few weeks after her birth.

For a while it went away and I had my normal depressive feelings that any parent who loses a child feels.

Now the terrible anxiety is back, It had only come back more now since my children have gone back to school and my family went back home and now I am alone with my youngest son.

I am trying to find ways to help the anxiety, It really helps to talk to other's when I feel down.

I think another reason for my higher anxiety is my AF has decided to show up this week. So no baby this month.

I am going to track my ovulation better this month and if something seems a miss. I am going to get a appointment at the OB's.

Not to make this post all about me, Last week we took Skylar a butterfly solar light. So now she will have her night light. We love you so much Skylar and miss you terribly. I know she knows we love her just wish she was here with us.

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