Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Daughter My Dear

Today is Skylar's 1st 4th of July in Heaven. Oh how I wish she was here to celebrate with us. I miss her beyond words. She was such a joy to be pregnant with, I am sure she would have been a great baby. I would love to have her by our sides. Today my husband was holding Nathan in the big La Z Boy chair and I could perfectly picture Skylar in her Daddy's right arm and Nathan in his other. I would love that if it could be. I know Skylar is going to love fireworks in Heaven, I am glad she will not be alone. The only thing I pray for is to feel Skylar this 4th of July. Let the wind blow a little stronger and let me feel the blessing of her love.

Tomorrow will also be my late 6 week check up. The Doctor had to leave early last Thursday so we have to go tomorrow.I am hoping to find out maybe why the placenta abrupted. It will help to ease some of my mind if we find out.

So I end this post today with, We love you Skylar now, forever and always.

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