Friday, June 1, 2012

My Baby Should be 2 Weeks Old

Where to start, I hate to even try to start something like this. My beautiful baby girl Skylar Jean was born 2 weeks ago tonight. She should be 2 weeks old here on earth. Instead she is 2 weeks old in Heaven. I am still so sad, I should have taken my sweet baby with us to the zoo today. She should have been carried in the green moby wrap we got for her. I should be worrying will she be to hot. Not worrying how I am going to visit her spot in a cemetary. I miss you so much and feel so sad without you. Although I know I have to go on, It is hard. What is the worst is the panic attacks that come when my husband leaves. I can manage with phone calls to the one's I love and I feel better. If there is one good thing to come of your passing my darling it is I am more closer to God now. I pray a lot and I am even reading the bible more. We are planning on starting to go to church Sunday. I really feel a huge pull to God now. I will forever be missing you Skylar, Yet I hope you can send us a angel baby to give us hope. I know I can never replace you nor would I ever want to. I just would like a baby to care for and bring me peace. Although with God I find peace and I know we will be blessed please know dear Skylar we love you more than words can say. For now I will remember you with love and know we will see you one day in Heaven. I love you Skylar forever and beyone.

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